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Protect your Home, Office and Industrial Equipment..
  • Free asset add: For Free, Individuals and Business can add their assets to this global register to deter them from being stolen.
  • Alert: Detailed asset search report that shows asset ownerships and status change history; if the searched asset has been flagged as missing or stolen, the search report will highlight this.
  • Privacy: Identity of asset registrant is not revealed to other members, only member self assigned unique nickname or mnemonic is disclosed to other members.
  • Proof: Before buying second hand assets; carry out ownership proof with the asset specific proof-key available for every asset. With the seller provided proof-key, intending buyers are able to get details of both the asset and seller.
  • In-box Message: The portal's In-Box message can be used to contact asset owner during ownership transfer, or when contacting a member who posted found asset.
  • Go public: If an asset is to be flagged as missing or stolen, you can add message that will be shown to the public when the asset is searched.
  • Secure Parcel: Before you despatch the parcel locally or internationally, reduce the risk of it getting missing or stolen by having valuables registered in myAssetLookup.
  • Stolen asset victim?: Don't be a stolen goods receiver, check them out in myAssetLookup.
  • Items missing in shop: Are goods always missing from your shop, stop the perpetrators using myAssetLookup.
  • Employee pilfering: Are your employees pilfering office equipment and computers, stop them today by using myAssetLookup.
  • No denial: Has anyone denied selling an asset to you, get them to record the transaction using myAssetLookup ownership transfer between two parties.
  • Government asset looting: Are your former employee illegally taking possession of your company's or government's equipment, devices or cars, stop them by using myAssetLookup.
  • Lost an asset?: Have you lost devices or equivalent, check myAssetLookup found-asset portal at no cost, as someone may have found it.
  • Found a missing asset?: Have you found someone's missing asset, you can reunite it with owner by posting it at no cost in myAssetLookup.
  • Found notification: You will be notified when an asset with stolen or missing status is found by anyone and posted in the portal with matching identifications.
  • Lease defaulters: Have you leased out or financed equipment for which the lessee has failed to meet up payment, stop them using myAssetLookup.
  • Insurance false claims: Insurance companies can stop false claims by getting the current asset status before and after pay out.
  • Inventory: Business Account only: offers inventory management with comprehensive audit trail of who in the team added or updated an asset status.
  • Team access & control: Business Account holders can add other members to their business team, with access granted to each team member on need basis.
  • Know your seller: In ensuring the portal's know-your-seller (KYS) objective, asset verification via ownership proof will show the details and contacts of the seller to target buyer with asset key.